IEDC Fund Updates

IEDC | Accreditation Details Submission open

Submission of the documents is mandatory for all IEDCs 

IEDC | Fund Requests

Submission of the documents is mandatory for all IEDCs 

Last Date existing IEDCs : Closed

First time grant request : 15 June 2023

Please read the complete page before filling this up | Templates available at the base of the page

Please go through the documents before submitting

In line with the financial procedures to be carried out with respect to IEDC, it is mandatory to submit the Utilization Certificate and the Statement of Expenditure by the end of every financial year. The same will be considered for accreditation and financial due diligence as well. All IEDCs that received funds on or before 31 December 2022 should submit utilisation certificate (in the prescribed format) as part of the same.

We are accepting requests for funds from IEDCs (IEDC grant) for this financial year. KSUM will be accepting grant release one time a year basis for the existing IEDCs. The last date for receiving the request is  30 April 2023, 22:00 Hours. Please apply for funds in the below link (Activated on 01 April 2023).

Submitting the following details is mandatory for fund release in the fund request form under the report section

Please keep the following information ready while submitting the fund request

Please Keep the following documents ready in specified Format

Have any queries please reach out to 

Mr. Bergin S Russel

Assistant Manager

+91 6238998379