Kerala Startup Mission invites applications for prototype-level projects under the NIDHI-PRAYAS scheme of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

PRAYAS is a pre-incubation programme run by DST-NIDHI that helps young inventors develop their ideas into Proof of Concepts. This grant will primarily be utilized by aspiring innovators to convert their ideas into a prototype.

Indian hardware solution providers above the age of 18 are eligible to apply. The last date for submission is 15 January 2022.

Kerala Water Authority - KSUM Water Innovation Challenge

KWA KSUM Water Innovation Challenge is a challenge open to Engineering students/Graduates to identify a cost effective solution for automating the Vertical Turbine Pump and positive suction Centrifugal Pump operation named “Smart Pumping Stations”.

Problem Statement

The challenge here is to develop cost effective technology for automating these pumps. Since the discharge is high and population covered is also high, utmost caution is required to take up the automation of this type of pumps. The system should ensure full motor protection and should be compatible with different types of starters viz VFD, Soft Starter, Star Delta, DOL, FCMA etc and should be compatible with old and new type of motors. The system should protect the pumps and other installations from conditions like dry sump, motor dry, foot valve blocked, air lock, impeller jam, high ampere, overload, under load and electrical fluctuations like over voltage, under voltage, phase changes, single phasing. The electric supply to these stations is through 440V, 3.3KV, 6.6KV or 11KV voltages controlled by transformers and substations to the respective pump as designed by the manufacturer. The system shall generate logs and error logs for all success and failure conditions.