INNOVATE : Platform for IEDC Management

IEDCs works as the first launch pad for a student’s entrepreneurial journey and provides them with access to cutting edge technology, world class infrastructure, high quality mentorship, early risk capital and external connects.

For the proper functioning of IEDCs, KSUM need to continuously monitor and assess the activities of various IEDCs, and we have come up with the requirements for a portal or MIS - Kerala Innovators .

For queries or more details:

The INNOVATE is built to 

1. Monitor and manage the community digitally.

2. Interact with IEDCs (Nodal officers) to organize and conduct activities.

3. Interact with students via different projects and activities.

4. Experienced Nodal Officers will work with KSUM to share insights on expanding the community.

Engagement with students

1. Students who are part of IEDC can become part of the Startup community.

2. Students will get a live update of all activities happening in IEDCs and can apply directly for the same.

3. Students who are part of the IEDC community can connect with mentors