Accreditation of IEDCs

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is one of the flagship programmes of KSUM that has been recognized that Implementation of IEDC Programmes has laid out the robust foundation for Kerala Startup Ecosystem. Now we are a strength of 280+ Institutions that evolved over the years in its own unique way and we are glad to inform you about the Accreditation of IEDCs in Colleges - Kerala Ranking Framework from the Period 1st April 2019 - 31th March 2021.

The Institution Prerequisites for the accreditation process are as follows

  • Registration in the Innovate Portal

  • Min 50% students onboarded in the Portal

  • Will be analysing the data based on the inputs available in the INNOVATE Portal from the period 1st April 2019 - 31th March 2021

  • All the activities in the IEDCs are captured in the INNOVATE portal by the Nodal Officer/Institution Nominated Individual

Eligibility for the Accreditation process

All the IEDCs under KSUM joined on or before 30-08-2020 will be eligible for the accreditation process

Period of Consideration

  • 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020

  • 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021

Financial year wise details from the Institution to be updated in the portal and accreditation process will be done for both the financial years together follow-on a single accreditation result.

Evaluation will be done under these parameters considering how the IEDC has evolved/doing activities/actions in promoting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  1. Evangelization of Entrepreneurship

  2. Promotion of Innovation

  3. Supporting Incubation and Business Development

  4. Alignment with Institutional Mechanisms

  5. Strengthening of Ecosystem


  • Period of Consideration - 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020 & 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021

  • Accreditation Intimation Date - 9th Sept 2021

  • Last date of entries in portal - 6th October 2021

Kindly Note: The Institution can be ready with all the necessary details in the portal and the accreditation will be done based on the information available in the INNOVATE portal only.

The accreditation application link will be open after 6th October so that you will be able to submit the details.