Cluster IEDC

Cluster IEDC

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is inviting applications from IEDCs to form Cluster IEDCs in various Technology Sectors

Cluster IEDCs will be theme based IEDCs focusing on one specific sector. The cluster will have IEDCs having interest in the selected domain and lead by one IEDC having expertise and resources in the domain.

The objective of the Cluster IEDC is to develop talent in the specific sector in general and start-ups in particular through encouragement of collaborative innovation among students from different institutions. Cluster IEDC encourage IEDCs to open resources to the member IEDCs and enhance the use of resources optimally.

Last date of application - 28th Feb 2022

Cluster Technology Themes

  1. Agritech

  2. AR/VR/Gaming

  3. Bigdata

  4. Biotechnology

  5. Block Chain

  6. Cyber Security

  7. Deeptech(AI/ML)

  8. Fintech

  9. Hardware

  10. Healthtech

  11. Internet of Things (IoT)

  12. Robotics and Sensor

  13. Spacetech

Role of the Cluster Lead

· Develop an ecosystem for promoting start-ups from the sector

· Conduct Tech workshops in the selected sector

· Lead and Mentor member IEDCs

· Develop a talent pipeline for the sector

· Identify and develop start-ups in the sector

Selected Lead IEDC may need to onboard 15-20 IEDCs interested in the sector to the cluster