Innovation Grant

Technological changes through innovations and R&D has been the main driving force for increased productivity, economic growth, and social transformation and for reshaping and redefining every sphere of our lives. Hence innovations are being extensively promoted globally. Govt. of Kerala has introduced the Scheme, Innovation Grant and the following types of Innovation Grants are given to encourage innovations.



Idea Grant will be primarily for Students for conversion of prototype to MVP and is limited to Rs. 2 lakhs/idea


Productization grant is to convert the MVP into a product and is limited to a maximum Rs. 7 lakhs/idea.

Scale up

Scale up Grant helps startups with product revenue/investments to scale their business to next level, and is limited to maximum of Rs. 12 lakhs/idea.


R & D Grant (coming soon) will be given to hardware or deep tech Startups with working prototype/ IP, which need to developed into a product through R&D and is limited to Rs. 30 lakhs/startup

For More details: KSUM Innovation Grant

Lab Supports

Fab Lab

The FABLAB programme involves setting up state-of-the-art Fabrication laboratories in the state to encourage startups in printed electronics and other such fields. KSUM has associated with Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT Fab Lab Foundation, USA for this. The Fablabs being established in Trivandrum and Ernakulam are identical and mainly comprises of the following inventories.

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Future Technologies Lab

Future Technologies Lab is an initiative by Kerala Startup Mission to provide necessary tools, equipments and infrastructure for Research & Development of emerging technologies and serves as a platform to introduce it to startups and students.

The current key focus areas for Innovation and Research at Future Technologies Lab are:

1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3. Robotics

4. Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

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Patent Reimbursement Scheme

In order to provide support to student entrepreneurs who are able to secure a patent, the patent application cost will be reimbursed.


Details of the scheme are as follows:

  • Grant to 50 student entrepreneurs in the state, securing the patent

  • Interest subsidy for 5 years for loans availed from any bank for implementation of a project based on the patent

  • Educational assistance up to Rs. 3 lakhs per year for continuing post graduate studies or research for a period of three years.

More details:- KSUM Patent Scheme

Fellowship Program

Government of Kerala is offering a one-year fellowship to experienced professionals and motivated youngsters interested in contributing to the Government’s mission of making Kerala a vibrant hub of tech startups and talent pool skilled in emerging technologies.

Contact number : 0471-2700270

More Details:- KSUM Fellowship Program